Announcement for public Collection/Telethon/ Program

Beri Mayda Girls Hostel & Education Center is a Local non-governmental and non-profit making organization established on December 17, 2014.
Beri Mayda Girls Hostel & Education Center is registered by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Charities and Societies Agency as Ethiopian Charity organization in accordance with the charities and societies Proclamation number 621/2001 with registration number 3362.
Beri Mayda Girls Hostel & Education Center is founded by Ethiopians who have a great aspiration to support the girls student most far the school for their home , and also work creation for different social groups, in order to enable them to lead a sustainable life so as to contribute their share towards the development of the country.
Beri Mayda Girls Hostel & Education Center aspires to contribute its own share towards the realization of the ongoing poverty alleviation strategy by addressing the crucial problems of girls student within the extended family environment as a priority intervention area.

Project area

Generally the vision of beri mayda is to have a social development finger prints in the country, by constructing at list one hostel in one region. But the first project is built in tigrai national regional state, South Eastern zone, seharty samre worda samre town.

Reasons for Selection of the first area

The pilot area for the project has been selected due to a combination of factors indicated below:
• Firstly during the previous regime samre is one of the most stricken woreda in the region.
• The district is drought prone and food insecure to support girls continue education
• The district is one of the lowest female students educational performance in the region.
• The district has one of the highest female youth migration to urban areas
• The district has no educated women to serve as role models to stimulate girls to continue their education
• High prevalence of youth female unemployment
• Due to limited number of high schools, girls are forced to move to other places with high risk and the family can not afford it.

Lessons learnt

Beri mayda in collaboration with national and international donor organization has so in the last 2 years accomplished the following tasks.
• Has admitted 80 female students in its rental hostel and the students have managed to get sufficient care and support so that their future life will be successful.
• Building hostel in the town on 4500 km2 land given by the woreda administration and finished the foundation work.
• Create work opportunity for over 20 jobless citizens.

Hostel infrastructure

• Girls hostel building with the following infrastructures
-Computer and Language Lab
-Administration rooms
-Rest Rooms
• Water facilities: A borehole, a water tank, water installation run by solar power and pump.
• Green area: with biodiversity of indigenous plants, vegetable garden and flowers to support the nutrition of the girls and for income generating to support the self-sustenance of the hostel.
• Facilities for dairy farming and poultry to support the nutrition of the girls living in the hostel and also additional income generating purposes.

Beri Mayda Girls Hostel & Educational Center to accomplish the above mentioned benevolent assisting of girls and building of Girls Hostel, it managed to get a fund from philanthropic donor organizations and citizens of the country. So we prepared public collection/telethon/ program, March 4, 2017 at mekele town in planet hotel and April 30, 2017 at Addis Ababa.
We therefore hope that you may collaborating with us for fulfillment of our organization objectives.


Actualizing a global consensus on the strategic value of educating all girls in developing countries by minimizing the barriers that rural high school girls face in the pursuit of education that force them to drop out before and during high school.

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  • Provide safe and secured lodging to obviate four-hour walking a day
  • Create a learning center
  • Transform community thinking: girls have the right and can learn too
  • Scale up across Ethiopia and sustain

 Educate a girl, liberate a family, and transform a society

Initiate a critical intervention in one of the poorest woredas in the country