BMGHEC was founded in –, 2014 by community leaders and visionaries who volunteered their time, professional ideas and financial and material support. It was registered as a federal entity on –, 201- with all rights and privileges of an NGO.

The organization received a 5000m2 land on which the hostel will be built. Private business owners, manufacturers and government entities also donated financial support and in like. Individuals and families have sponsored student(s) for a year to four at 500 ET Birr per student.

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The community leaders and members at large, contribute their time in monthly meetings, submitting monthly reports, collecting and analyzing data.

On November 28, 2015, the Tigrai Head of the Education Bureau, the President of the Mekele University and the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of BMGHEC laid down the corner stone for the Hostel.

In early November 2015 BMGHEC enrolled the first 40 students. They wil reside in a rented premise.

The premise is powered with solar energy, installed by volunteers. The students thus enjoy uninterrupted power supply.


The foundation stone for the first hostel and educational center for BMGHEC was laid at the project site in Samre town on November 26, 2015


The pilot project of BHGHEC has initiated at Saharti-Samre woreda at Samre town. The woreda admnistration has provided a 4000 square meter plot of land for the construction of the first center free of lease payment. The design and engineering estimates for the project was completed and approved by the board of governors of BHGHEC and the corner stone laying ceremony was colorfully completed at the project site on November 26, 2015 in the presence of the Head of the educational bureau of Tigrai, Head of the Women’s bureau of Tigrai, the Chief administrator of the South East zone of Tigrai, Head of the TPLF bureau, the Woreda administration, representatives of the people from the woreda and all members of the board of directors of BHGHEC. During this ceremony the regional bureau of education donated five new computers and text books for the students and expressed the bureau’s and the regions commitment to the success of the BMGHEC.  During this ceremony the first 40 girls students of BMGHEC showed their talents by reading poems they specifically prepared to the day expressing their commitment to make themselves successful in their studies and demonstrating the impact of the project to girls education. The temporary center organized at a leased premise was visited during this time.


The BHGHEC first center at Samre town was visited by his excellency Ato Abay Tsehaye on the side of the zone level 40th anniversary of the foundation of the TPLF in Samre.

The 40th anniversary of the founding of the TPLF was celebrated at zonal level in the town of Samre on February 18, 2016. During this time his excellency Ato Abay Tsehaye visited the center and encouraged the students on their studies during his visit. During this time he expressed that projects that focus on the empowerment of women and girls are the top priority of his government and promised that the FDRE will provide every support it can so that programs like that of BMGHEC will succeed.


The first 40 students of BHGHEC had a school year end study visit to the city of Mekelle from July 2-4, 2016.

After successfully completing their ninth grade studies of the year a study tour was organized for them in collaboration with the Tigrai Women’s bureau and Mekelle University.


During their three day visit the students visited the campuses of Mekelle university with a particular focus to the School of medicine at Aiyder campus and the school of veterinary science of the university.  During this time the students got the chance to visit the laboratories and educational centers of the collages and were briefed by the instructors of the colleges. During this time they also visited the METEC run engine production factory and the Martyr’s monument of Tigrai. At the end of their tour the Women’s bureau of Tigrai hosted a dinner for them where several regional officials including the deputy president of Tigrai Dr. Ambassador Addis Alem Balema attended gave them encouraging speech. The students during this time received some gifts in the objective of showing them solidarity for their studies and encouraging them to strengthen their efforts.