About Us

BMGHEC is a federally registered local Non-Governmental Organization established to minimize the barriers that rural high school girls face in the pursuit of education, who, otherwise, are forced to drop out before and during high school. It is a local preventive call to action of a highest priority; not a novel concept, but critical for the Samre-Saharti region

There is global consensus on the strategic value of educating all girls in developing countries in order to build healthy, productive and progressive community. Unfortunately, for most of rural Ethiopia, particularly the Saharti-Samre Woreda, educating girls is an honorable aspiration beyond the reaches of the community. Burdened with poverty related gaps and regional underdevelopment, the barrier is insurmountable to most who surrender and drop out despite the undying thirst for education.

Determined young girls walking 4 hours a day risking their lives in the pursuit of Education

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BMGHEC is led, governed and overseen by board of directors who meet monthly to review and discuss management, financial and policy issues. Action plans are developed and approved.

The business affairs of the organization are conducted and managed by the general director who is fully authorized by the board to execute decisions that had been approved.  The general director prepares a monthly report and agenda for the boards approval, review and discussion. The general director supervises a hostel manger and student supervisor who oversees all activities at the hostel and are responsible for the safety and proper conduct of the students. The rest of the hostel staff report to the hostel manager and student supervisor.

The student president represents the students in all decision-making committees. The community likewise meets to discuss the status and progress of he hostel. This will assure ownership and sustainability.