Mission and Vision

Beri Mayda Girls Hostel and Education Center is a bold initiative to minimize the barriers that rural high school girls face in the pursuit of education, who, otherwise, are forced to drop out before and during high school. It is a local preventive call to action of a highest priority. Beri Mayda Girls Hostel and Education Center is registered as a local NGO in Ethiopia.
There is global consensus on the strategic value of educating all girls in developing countries in order to build healthy, productive and progressive community. Unfortunately, for most of rural Ethiopia, particularly the Saharti-Samre Woreda, educating girls is an honorable aspiration beyond the reaches of the community. Burdened with poverty related gaps and regional underdevelopment, the barrier is insurmountable to most who surrender and drop out despite the undying thirst for education.

Every Saharti-Samre girl will realize educational opportunity as a matter of fundamental human right.


  • Provide safe and secured lodging
  • Create a learning center
  • Transform community thinking: girls have the right and can learn too
  • Scale up across Ethiopia and sustain


  • Guided by code of honor that subscribes to:
    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Tolerance
  • Dedication to humanity
  • Respect of the environment