Board of Director

Message from the Board of Directors

Educate a Girl! It is the right thing to do and the yard stick for the measure of societal development; not as measured by high rises and square meters of ground covered with concrete and asphalt, but by how well basic human rights are met. One of those fundamental rights is education which must be made available to every child regardless of gender.

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That is the compelling reason for the BMGHEC initiative: circumstances including traditional beliefs of convenience have long victimized girls and women to deny them equal access rights, one of them education. In the Saharti-Samre Woreda, poverty plays a critical role to further victimize girls. Because there is only one high school with villages scattered around it, students have to walk up to four hours a day to attend high school. The walk for high school aged girls is fraught with risks of abuse, not to mention the physical exhaustion of walking, attending to chores at home and school work.

The planned hostel will provide a reprieve from risks and exhaustion. It will instead provide an educational opportunity and learning environment. We believe that this will effectively break the Poverty –> Ignorance –> Disease –> Poverty cycle.  Given the opportunity, girls will stay in school and complete their education. Their generation will be better prepared to provide beyond basic human needs, improve the environment, therefore prevent and eliminate diseases and obviously poverty.

The community is determined and committed to sustain the initiative. It, however, faces insurmountable challenge of abject poverty which it will not be able to overcome without initial innovative but contexual start up support.  Therefore, on behalf of the Board, the Samre BMGHEC Committee, I ask everyone, particularly development organizations to join and support the cause. We are not looking for handouts, but support to set a community on a sustainable development path.

Tesfai Gabre-Kidan, MD

Chairman, Board of Directors, BMGHEC

CEO and Founder, Health Services International